Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clash of the Titans: Very poor

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Ok, graphics and special effects are awesome.Perfect is the term. Yet, the plot is extremely poor. It lacks of what they seem to project " perilous journey". It is just like this, "Giant scorpions, Medussa,then the useless dragon". And they called it now, a perilous journey? O common. The purpose of the journey, as Perseus said is to retaliate against the gods, but it ended of saving ARGOS from a BIG FAT DRAGON. Well, it has to be but the story started to focus of their hatred to the gods. Even Perseus wanted to seek justice to the death of his foster family. Another one, i was waiting of the rage of Hades against Zeus. I was expecting of a real CLASH OF THE REAL TITANS. God vs God. I was thinking of what does it look like seeing these two titans fighting while the sons of Zeus are in the middle of the clash. Disappointingly, I was just imagining. There was no HADES-ZEUS fight. Well, that would be accepted if the story does not focus much on the plan of Hades to put Zeus down and here comes the audience, anticipating. Last one, I pity the rich Greek Literature. The modern filmmakers tried to demolish the fine flow of past literature. The Medussa's head is saleable. THE LIGHTNING THIEF film used medussa's head for the same purpose. Percy Jacksons perilous journey is more "perilous" than Persues one. Anyway, bottom line, if i were the greek, I won't let my rich literature be messed up with this CGI films. It is just like saying, " Hindi ko hahayaang, masira ang kwento ng EL FILO at NOLI ME TANGERE."


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